About Us

Priority Dog, LLC was established to provide an ideal environment for dogs offering Luxury Boarding and Daycare. Dogs need physical exercise to assure their health and happiness. Physical activity and socialization helps to create balanced dogs by taking away excess energy, boredom, frustration, and unwanted behavior.  Dogs run, play, explore, and relax on Nine Securely Fenced Acres. Let your dog go back to nature in this serene country setting while breathing fresh clean air. Every dog deserves to be top priority!


Why board with us?
Because dogs can run! Ears back, muscle pumping, full out run as fast as they can! There are nine fenced in acres and a huge amount of space to romp around and socialize in. All dogs are truly cage free 24 hours a day. All thru the night they hang and sleep with their best buddies. The owner also sleeps in the building with the dogs! It is more of a relaxed home environment than a commercial kennel. Dogs are strolling around, sniffing the land, playing chase/wrestle/tug, running after birds and butterflies, or sleeping on the lush lawn soaking up the sun while breathing the fresh country air.

Priority Dog is a unique dog experience where dogs go back to nature and hang with the pack! This primal experience is great to drain pent up energy, calm anxious dogs, mentor puppies that learn an abundance of manners and life coping skills from adult dogs, and to be surrounded by the joys of pack socialization. So many dog owners comment how their dogs come home happy, relaxed, and often with improved manners!

The toxic load that dogs are exposed to is reduced as much as possible. The lawn is not sprayed with chemicals, dogs eat and drink from stainless steel bowls, natural laundry detergent is used, a raw/homemade diet is promoted, and minimal vaccines are required.

How did Priority Dog start?
Owner, Susan Fanok, always dreamed of creating a place where she would want to leave her own dogs. Susan is a certified Animal Health Technician (vet tech) and has a natural instinct when handling dogs as well as a wealth of dog health and behavior knowledge.  She graduated from Harcum College in Bryn Mawr, PA and completed an internship at both the small and large animal hospitals at the University of Pennsylvania. She worked as a veterinary technician but was also fascinated by laboratory work. She then began a career at the Pennsylvania State Police Crime Lab.

Susan continued her education obtaining a bachelor of science degree in biology from Cedar Crest College in Allentown, Pa. She was then promoted to a DNA Forensic Scientist at the crime lab. Yet, dogs remained her passion and she continued helping people with dog issues, volunteering at dog rescues, and continually dreamed of her ideal dog facility. After 13 years at the crime lab, she decided it was time to pursue her dream. After many years of planning and finding an ideal location while working as a medical technologist for Health Network Laboratories, Priority Dog finally became a reality!

Where are we located?
Priority Dog is located in New Tripoli, PA, well, on the edge of New Tripoli closer to Germansville, Schnecksville, and Weisenberg township. The address is 5890 Kistler Rd, New Tripoli, PA 18066 which is about a half mile southeast of the intersection on Rt 100 and Rt 309.