Your dog won’t believe the incredible time your dog is having while staying at Priority Dog! She will run, play, hang-out, sleep with other dogs all day and night! No cages here….the dogs get to enjoy all their primal instincts of hanging with the pack! All of a dogs needs are met and they couldn’t be more happy and content! There are no hidden fees at Priority Dog and your dog enjoys a cage-free environment all day and night. Dogs have all day access to nine acres of securely fenced land and breathe fresh country air. They are free to go inside the air conditioned/ heated building or roam around outside, whichever they choose! Dogs are supervised 24 hours a day! All dogs must be current on Rabies vaccine. All dogs must be free of fleas.


Please bring your dog’s food for boarding. Bring a measured amount of food needed only for the number of days at Priority Dog and place it in a bag not a container. You can add a little extra because of the increased amount of exercise. No bowls, toys, or bedding, these are provided.

Boarding is charged per 24 hour period. On the pick up day, if there are additional hours then they are billed as daycare hours. Example, if you drop off at 11:00 am and pick up at 11:00 am the next day then your total bill for one dog is $40.00. But if you picked up at 6:30 pm then you will be charged the extra 7 1/2 hours as a daycare charge of $25.00 so your total bill will be $65.00.

Clients have requested this change and Priority Dog listened! Now if you decide to take that last minute trip at 4:00 pm for example, you don’t have to worry that it is later in the day and your dog won’t get a full fun filled day for the same charge as a morning drop off because billing is based entirely on your drop off time!

luxury boarding rates:
One Dog Additional Dog
$40 per night $30 per night