Let the exercise begin! What fun your dog will have running alongside his buddy! This is a great work-out for your dog, not only creating balance, but also promoting health. Your dog will enjoy running, playing, exploring, and socializing. Here’s the big difference; dogs enjoy NINE securely fenced acres and breathe fresh country air! Don’t worry, your dog will be closely monitored to assure the activity level is comfortable and joyous! Your dog will go home tired and you’ll get to enjoy your relaxed dog with all the day’s pent up energy released! Drop your dog off before work, going on a shopping or day trip, or just for the fun of it! All dogs must be current on Rabies vaccine. All dogs must be free of fleas.


If you have a “high energy” dog then without question, this is for you! These dogs especially need to be drained of all that excess energy, otherwise it may lead to unwanted behavior like chewing, destruction, and constant barking. Let Priority Dog get rid of that pent up energy for you!

If you have a “puppy”, then great! Socialization is especially important for your pup! It is very important that puppies learn proper dog play/manners and the best teacher is other dogs. Adult dogs give subtle lessons that most of us never even know are happening, but your pup is learning. Dogs are amazing!

If you have a “slower” dog, that’s great too! Slower or older dogs do great at Priority Dog because of the large open space. They can take their time and explore without being bumped by other dogs!

luxury daycare rates:
Single Day Rates One Dog Additional Dog
Full Day $25 $19
Partial Day (5hrs or less) $19 $14
Packaged Rates
One dog Two Dogs
10 day package $230 $400
20 day package $420 $740


Weekly Rates One Dog Additional Dog
Full Day (2x per week) $23 $17
Full Day (3 or more) $21 $16
Partial Day (2x per week) $17 $13